Hi Speed Heads,

My name is Doug Campbell and I’m a throttle enthusiast. With eight years of experience building custom engines at Downtown Treads, I am obsessed with speed. I’ve traveled all over the world testing out vehicles and terrains to find the greatest thrills. In this blog I’m going to break down luxury sports vehicles and what’s waiting for us on the horizon in the automotive industry. From Porsche to Lamborghini to the ThrustSSC, we’re going to discuss all of the latest advancements.

As a Wisconsin native, I grew up going to the local racetracks. I was immediately captivated and began racing in boxcars derbies. As soon as I got my license, I hit the smaller circuits. Hitting over 200mph is truly a life changing experience and one that I cherish. That’s why I want to pass all of my information onto all daredevils out there. It’s important to be safe behind the wheel, but that doesn’t mean you can’t feel a rush. The excitement is in knowing the vehicle, understanding the turns, and hitting high speeds.

Look out for exciting articles all about the world of racing. I’ll be covering new vehicle model releases, any record shattering stunts, and everything else high octane. For the latest in sports cars, make sure to check back regularly for brand new content. If you have any questions jump over to the contact page and fill out the e-form. I’m happy to cover any topics relating to the world of sports cars. Who knows, your question may just be shouted out in an upcoming blog.

Keep safe and enjoy the ride,

Doug Campbell