The History of The Legendary Ford Mustang

The Ford Mustang is among the best known and easily identified cars when traveling today. Does anyone not identify the flashy chrome pony fixed up on the glossy paint of a Ford Mustang?

But I bet a number of you aren’t sure the history of the Mustang. Well enter your time capsule and come along with me for a trip back to the year 1964. To be a lot more certain, March 9, 1964.

Ford MustangThat was the day that the first Ford Mustang rolled off the production line– it happened to be a white convertible and had a red interior. It developed a feeling all throughout the country. Actually, within 18 months, Ford marketed over 1 million Mustangs!

Merely months after its introduction, Ford started introducing modifications for the ’65 Mustang, including reverse lights, a bigger engine, and also an Air Conditioning system.

In the initial 2 years of its presence, the Mustang damaged sales documents, wowed the public, and also left rivals in the dust.

The following task for the Mustang was to remove the Chevrolet Corvette in the world of racing. That job was taken on by Carroll Shelby, the famous race auto motorist and developer. The result was the renowned GT/ Cobra collection of automobiles.

Ford introduced a newly redesigned Mustang in 1967 with a 335 HP engine, and other enhancements, permitting it to proceed it’s enormous appeal.

Ford remained to make renovations as well as adjustments to the Mustang, and it remained very preferred, even when rising gas costs, increasing insurance policy costs, exhausts requirements, etc caused muscle cars some difficult times in the early 70’s. Numerous of the Mustangs rivals, such as the Barracuda, went out of manufacturing, however the Ford Mustang remained to sell.

The Ford Mustang almost died in the late 80’s, though, because of slumping sales. Yet Mustang fans began writing Ford letters, and also Ford determined to offer the Mustang a redesign and an additional try. Sales got back up, and also the Mustang continues to be a popular automobile to this day.